The concept for this design is to provide the ultimate in modern luxury living. The primary asset of this location are the amazing views, and the design of the units is created to take advantage of these views. If any of the units were located below a ground floor parking level this would dramatically reduce the access to light and views of those units. Therefore, all of the units are raised above ground level in order to give each unit 360 degree access to light and views. The overall design of the development with its alternating floor plates provides a rich composi­tion of solid and void spaces crafted in such a way to create a unique texture and sculptural form with a play of shadow and light, void and solid. The buildings are intended to work to­gether as an overall sculptural form avoiding the look of a typical “box” building. The shapes are dynamic and surprising and yet are supported using a straightforward structural system where each floor is cantilevered from the cen­tral core spaces. Since each of the buildings work together in this way to create a rich tapestry we propose that a separate design for the corner plots is unnecessary. 
Team members: Erick Velasco Farrera, Juan José Núñez Andrade, Heidi Kasper, Efrain E. Velez