Winner of prestigious Design Awards such as the IDEA (Gold) award, the Red Dot Design award, the Good Design award, the IDA design award and, the Spark Design Award among others. MultipliCITY is Landscape Forms’ first trully global collection, and a collaboration between Yves Behar (Fuse Project) and Landscape Forms. I represented Landscape Forms in the design and implementation of this collection of benches, bike rack, litters, pathlight, and table.
MultipliCITY™ addresses multiple scales, applications and creative expressions. The distinctive profile of its cast aluminum sculptural forms attracts at a distance, while subtle transitions from flat to convex surfaces become visible at closer proximity, creating a rich 360-degree experience. Benches can be configured in countless ways, including complex geometries made possible with mitered connections, and can be offset for added visual and functional appeal. Crisp flat arms and tablet for holding a laptop or lunch are optional. Bike racks have a handy wood shelf that provides a place for phone or keys while the bike is being secured. MultipliCITY™ is interactive and user-focused. Its elements are solid and grounded, inviting active use. The generous dining height table echoes the shape of the bench, with variations in angle and thickness to provide stability. The wider backless bench enables people to sit forward and back-to-back, increasing social activity in a space. The MutipliCITY™ litter and LED path light share a visual vocabulary in which robust verticals end in graceful winged forms. Single and double litters have molded bins. Lights are solar or powered.
Design by Fuse Project and Landscape Forms