“Best of Year” 2008 award for healthcare product design from Interior Design magazine, and also a collaborative effort between HDR Architecture and Nurture by Steelcase. I represented HDR Architecture as a Design consultant and core team member for this project. In the current healthcare setting, workspaces are rarely available where and when they’re needed. Any available surface becomes a work surface. Caregivers will work anywhere, on anything. By understanding the environment, the opportunity to improve workflow becomes clear. By improving workflow, the quality of care improves. Inspiration and process for this project centered on the user. Our group studied the caregiver and understanding their day-to-day life. By focusing on the caregiver’s workflow, we began to improve the environment. And to improve the environment, our team focused on four design needs: Collaboration, Efficiency, Adaptability and Ergonomics. 
Collaboration - Does this space allow for individual and team work? Does it encourage interaction? Does it embrace technology? 
Efficiency - Is this space designed around the caregiver’s workflow? 
Adaptability - Can the solution keep up with changing technology and the needs of the space? 
Ergonomics - Does this space account for people of various sizes and work styles?
By answering these questions, we were able to begin the process of rethinking workstations and learning how to deliver care in a more effective manner. The product was launched to market Summer 2008. 
Photo Credit and Text explanation: by Steelcase